The Flame in the Flood Switch Release Date

05 Oct 2017

We are pleased to announce that The Flame In The Flood will sail onto the eShop for Nintendo Switch on October 12th. The Flame In The Flood is a bleak but beautiful rogue-lite set upon a treacherous, procedurally generated river from developer The Molasses Flood. With the help of your trusty dog, Aesop, The Flame In The Flood tasks you to make the most of your surroundings by foraging, hunting and scavenging your way through nature and the remains of society. With an evocative, homespun art-style and lilting, original soundtrack by Chuck Ragan, survival has never been this enjoyable.

Watch the The Flame In The Flood Nintendo Switch trailer below

Drink in the delicate beauty of post-societal America before the perils of reality begins to bite. Wild animals, the natural elements and the vast, winding river all pose unique threats in a game where survival is achieved through a mix of smarts and resourcefulness. Playing as an intrepid wanderer, Scout, you must feed and clothe yourself from the land and whatever else you find along the way. Craft equipment and traps, upgrade your makeshift raft and brave the rapids, all set against the stark majesty of the game’s forgotten world.