Beholder: Complete Edition coming to PS4 and XB1

12 Dec 2017
Enter Carl, a loyal, government salaryman with a loving wife and two beautiful children. Moving to upgraded living zone 3 is a dream-come-true for Carl, who is tasked with overseeing tenant upkeep as the landlord of a state-run apartment complex. Easy, right? All he needs to do are minor repairs, ensure building security, enforce the no-pets policy, install hidden cameras, and rifle through belongings to find proof of treason! It's all in a day's work for those who have dedicated their lives to upholding the government's stranglehold on their people! But what happens if Carl develops a conscience? Should owning a classical music record tantamount to a death sentence?

Take on the role of Carl and decide your own morality scale in Beholder. With procedurally generated scenarios and over 20 different endings to uncover, choose to protect your family through secret machinations or selfless sacrifice. One thing is for sure: Someone is always watching.

An instant hit with Streamers when it released on Steam late 2016, Beholder has been giving the twitch crowd morally grey choices for over a year. Publisher, Curve Digital, is now expanding the game's dark reach to console holders when it launches on both PS4 and Xbox One in January 2018 in its Complete Edition. Beholder will come with the “Blissful Sleep” DLC, to discover the events that took place to bring Carl towards his fate.