Bomber Crew takes aim for a July 10th console launch

11 Jun 2018
The best-selling Twitch favourite navigates to Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on July 10th.

Brighton-based two man development team Runner Duck Games, alongside award-winning publisher Curve Digital, announced today that Bomber Crew is on-course and ready to land on consoles on July 10th.

In Bomber Crew players must recruit, train, and upgrade their very own WWII flight team before piloting a Bomber over enemy territory. Your crewmembers only have one life, so every mission is fraught with danger as you guide the crew to victory while dodging flak fire, maintaining course through unstable weather conditions, avoiding enemy radar detection, battling dreaded enemy Aces, and more. Still you know what they say - who dares, wins. 

Every Bomber is fully customisable, with the ability to change the base colour - from gaudy pink to camo green - all the way up to upgrading its bombing capability and your chances of survival. Using the in-game tool, you can even slap your slogan on the side of the vehicle or draw your own wing art, to strike fear or laughter into the hearts of your enemies.

As well as releasing on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on July 10th, Bomber Crew’s Season Pass comes to console on the same date, along with the Deluxe Editions and the debut DLC pack, Secret Weapons.