For The King adds Endless Dungeon mode on June 20th

14 Jun 2018
For the King is introducing a free Endless Dungeon mode in a new update coming June 20th!

Players will now be able to discover what lies beyond Hildebrant's Cellar in an all new challenge mode. Those who delve deeper into the dungeon will unlock unique items and character customisation options. Adventurers will face new traps and square-off against fresh foes as they look to stop the heroes in their tracks. Three new Steam achievements have also been added to this update.

In addition to the new content, For The King has added Polish language support and a new player stat screen showing a detailed breakdown of player skills, ongoing buffs and stats in one convenient place. A new feature called ‘House Rules’ has also been included in this update and allows players to adjust various game settings to tailor games to their preferences.

Having already sold over 200,000 units on PC, For The King is heading to consoles in 2019.